FRO Académy : The celebration

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Saturday on June 29th, we invited you to the Blueprint lounge to attend our summer workshop, hosted by Keena Morgan, hairdresser and Curl Expert expert (Curl Ambassador -Toronto). She discussed different summer hair styles and trends, maintenance and provided you with a SOS-Summer- Survival-Kit and respond to questions on how to take care of your hair when swimming in pools, the ocean and protect against UVA-rays.

Then, we hosted our first FRO symposium, where we discussed different subjects such as the image and the perception of black beauty. This dynamic discussion surprise many with its diverse guest panel. Inhairitance and the FRO Foundation invite you all to their very first symposium.


Keina Morgan ( Curl expert Hair stylist Toronto)
Abisara ( Inhairitance founder )
Laurence (Ayacaona Cosmétique Artisanale)
Aminata B. Wurie ( Miss Afrique Montréal )
Reginald Rivette ( Souche magazine )
Ricardo L’amour ( Emrical)
Tanguy Tijus ( FRO foundation )

Celebrating Summer with some food and the remarkable performance of Meryem Saci, member of Nomadic Massive set the ultimate summer vibe for the public and their FRO!!(

“FRO Academy: the celebration,” an event not to be missed!
We celebrated the first anniversary of the Inhairitance boutique and salon, celebrate the summer, and the return of the FRO activities!

Workshops – Symposium – Food – Show- Price to win

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