FRO, ie Foundations rely on Origins is a multidisciplinary festival that aims to highlight the different aspects of the history and black culture. Through various media, we have to celebrate black history and discuss various issues affecting communities. Beyond the acceptance of others, are the pride of being together.

FRO: Foundations rely on Origins

Our events aim to build together since the public has also a chance to express himself and share his experiences. Interactive discussions between our guests and the public make our evening magical and unique moments. These moments bring us back to a family atmosphere where intergenerational exchanges take place as we had learned so well in the African culture. It is by listening and together we are building the foundations for future generations.

The strong presence of the arts in our festival allows us to assess the contribution of young Montreal artists and traveling without flying. This visibility is an opportunity for them to promote themselves and expand their network contacts. FRO is for some a springboard to the art world.

FRO is the bridge between generations and different communities, because there are few times when the whole family agrees to sit at the table. Our vision is a vision of unity or us and appreciate the differences. We place great emphasis on the cultural legacy we leave to our children, because they are the ones who will build demain.permet archive artists from different communities and promote talent.

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